Advanced Flash Animation for HawaiiFlash UG

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, I had the privilege to conduct a webinar for the Hawaii Flash User Group on Advanced Flash Animation.  I presented a chapter from the Flash CS6 Digital Classroom text written and published by American Graphics Institute and Wiley Publishing.

John Barrett, manager of the Hawaii Flash User Group recorded the session and provided a copy on his group’s website:

I would like to thank John for the opportunity to work with his group and hope that we can work together in the future!


I’m an Author

On July 22, 2013 or thereabouts, my first book, Dreamweaver CC Digital Classroom
was published.  This milestone in my career was something I had added to my ‘bucket list’ as an afterthought, like: “I would like to write a book someday.”

Six months ago I left my nearly 10 year long career as a high school vocational technical education instructor at and joined the folks at AGI.  I went from teaching Dreamweaver with AGI’s book to the primary author of the rewrite and update for the launch of Adobe Dreamweaver CC.  Quite a turn of events.

I have always enjoyed the style and approach of the Digital Classroom series, which is why I adopted it as my primary Dreamweaver textbook.  I am honored and privileged to follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Osborn and others who have brought the Digital Classroom series to life.  I feel that this update provides enough new information and instruction on using the newest features in DW CC while remaining a solid introduction to web design for a new generation of students and learners.

I would like to thank Christopher Smith and Jennifer Smith for trusting one of their flagship titles to me.  I would like to thank Jeremy Osborn for creating a solid work from which I could build upon. I would like to thank Greg Heald for co-authoring and tech editing my first work. Finally, I would like to thank Cheri White and Chris Leavey, our project managers, who guided me through the publishing and recording processes and kept me pushing towards the aggressive deadlines.